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Friendly and Supportive …

We first received care staff from Dominic Care to look after our father. They were excellent.

They made my mother feel at ease, always making time to check she was coping with dad’s care. When we would visit they would say hello and talk to both mum and dad about the family. I think they both loved having people to share their stories with.

They always ensured dad’s privacy when completing his care and would let us know when they finished so we could go back to being together.

When he pasted away, we didn’t want mum to be lonely.

What started as a check up call and a bit of company for mum, became over the years a really supportive package of care. Dominic Care went to great lengths to accommodate changes in mum’s health, staying longer, putting extra visits in, contacting us when concerned. I really can’t fault the support we have received.

As mum’s health deteriorated, Dominic Care worked with us to devise the right support for mum. We love all the staff and still I can’t thank them enough.

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