Statistics shows that we have an increasingly ageing population. It won’t be too long until many of us will need some kind of support in our senior years.

Home… Where you want to be

Being able to continue living a fulfilling independent life in your own home can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and confidence. It is easier to continue established routines and retain a sense of dignity when you are amongst familiar surroundings. Senior Care from Dominic Care is designed to support you day to day, so that life at home can be as good as it can.

Care – with you in mind

We know that it can be very daunting to let someone else do your personal care or domestic chores around your house. You want to do what you’ve been doing for years, but life is just that little bit tougher as time goes by. At Dominic Care, we can help by lending an extra helping hand so that you can carry on life the way you want to. And to achieve this, we make sure that you have a range of choices in how we can best support you. Whether it’s running to the supermarket or picking up a prescription, or perhaps support with personal care, with us by your side, we can be there to help you in whatever way you want.

It’s amazing what can be achieved and the difference an extra pair of hands can make.

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