Senior Care Trends To Look Out For in 2017

There comes a point when many of us will consider additional care as we age. It could be for a friend, a family member or ourselves. The traditional and perhaps dated views of a senior lifestyle can often seem very negative, however its an area that continues to evolve and develop and can now seem like a very exciting opportunity!! With an ever-increasing percentage of the population, Senior care can provide many opportunities, and not just on a medical basis, there are often great lifestyle advantages too.

Design and build:
Existing and new residences are being designed or renovated to provide homes from home as opposed to the more traditional styled facilities. Good quality housing, that meets the needs of the end user, has huge potential to help people live happy and healthier lives, delaying the need to move from independent living into residential care.

Senior Care as People Age

Residential Communities:
The natural progression from better quality housing is the increase in 55+ residential communities. Being old doesn’t mean giving up and people want to live in a vibrant active community, but with the knowledge that the facilities available are suited to their changing needs. This resort style living with a variety of housing, facilities and care options is continuing to grow and evolve.

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Being in a senior community on a large residential scale or in a small home doesn’t seem to make any difference for the desire for quality amenities such as restaurants, cafes and other social meeting planes such as a cinema room or communal garden. The fear of isolation as people age shouldn’t be discounted and making sure activities and the ability to interact makes for a much happier person. This also means that as someone ages the opportunity now exists to significantly extend the time they can stay in their own home with a well thought our and professional care plan.

Technology can in no small part benefit senior care either in financial savings, safety or obviously medical care. For companies and individual, the cost savings by using energy saving light bulbs or LED lighting, energy efficient heating solutions or even harnessing solar power can enable businesses and individuals to spend less without compromising care. For those needing additional care, the ways in which they can call for help or have homes adapted to their specific needs is now endless.

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Working to help people where they are:
Technology has also paved the way for provider to look to meet elderly people where they actually want to be. Many elderly people are very reluctant to leave their homes, for any number of reasons. Instead of pushing people to do something they don’t want, an opportunity exists to meet them where they actually want to be. For the client, the opportunity to age comfortably in their own home is one that may appeal to them over any facilities that any care home or community could offer.

Senior care is an ever increasing market giving opportunities to both providers to provide amazing care and to clients to want more from their later years than giving in gracefully and to have the choice as to were that happens!!

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