With the right professional care and support individuals can still enjoy an active and happy life in their own homes. With a helping hand from Dominic Care, we hope to make life easier.

Familiarity and routine

By enabling people to be live within environments and situations that they know and trust, life can be so much easier and rewarding. We want to encourage each person to embrace the opportunities and challenges faced by Alzheimers – and it is through the skills, experiences and compassion of Dominic Care teams that we can make this happen.

How we can help…

Our goal is to provide excellent care by supporting service users to live as independently as possible. But it’s not just about caring and supporting each service user –  we khow how important it is to support the people close to them. We can really make a difference to the quality of day to day life and it’s important that close family and friends are aware of the role that we can play.

Our care and support is built upon a number of key principles – maintaining each person’s dignity and sense of identity, empowering everyone to be as independent as they can, and delivering a care plan that leads to a better quality of life. All of these principles are influenced and driven by involving the individual and loved ones in making choices, every step of the way.

To learn more about the practical ways that we can support individuals with Alzheimer’s, please explore our service pages.

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