Before care can start, we need to get to know you. This is done by carrying out a formal assessment.

The first step towards care

Upon receiving an enquiry or referral, we’ll arrange an assessment visit at a time to suit you. As we are often busy, it’s likely that we’ll give you a choice of times that you can pick from. It’s really important that if family members or close friends want to be there during the assessment, you check everyone’s diary! The visit usually takes about two hours.  The assessment process explores how best we can use the time required to ensure your needs are met.  Assessments shape the way care will be delivered in what we refer to as a ‘care plan’. Whilst our care is based around the plan, we will regularly review how things are going and tailor what we are doing if both you and us feel changes will help.

There is no charge for private or local authority clients for the initial assessment.

Signing a care contract

 Private clients

At the end of the assessment, and assuming that you would want to proceed, you would be expected to sign the contract for the care to be provided and the agreed start date for us to commence care provision.

Local Authority funded clients

With Local Authority care packages our contract is directly with the authority. Because of this, it is up to them to agree with yourselves and us the most appropriate start date. You do not need to sign a contract.

Starting or restarting care

Care can start or restart with just 24 hours’ notice.   If your care is stopped due to hospital admission and you do not have care for 14 days or more, then we will be required to complete a re-assessment of needs to ensure your current support plan and risk assessments still meet your needs. Do not worry if your needs increase, our staff are fully trained to handle complex care and we cater for the full spectrum of care needs including, dementia care, learning and physical disabilities, specialised bowel care such as peristeen and suppository trained, PEG trained, we provide live-in support, respite care and end of life/palliative care.

For detailed information please call us on 01252 319315.


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